Six Sentence Sunday – Silk pt 1

Six Sentence Sunday is here once more! Thanks, as always to the lovely peeps at Six Sentence Sunday for this awesome initiative.

We take a break from Rough Diamond this week to feature another work in progress. Tentatively titled Silk*, this is the tale of a straight-laced English barrister who just wants to be an upstanding Member of Parliament. Unfortunately, the return of a childhood friend, a seemingly frivilous lady, has him entertaining all manner of thoughts that should never cross his mind…

“Do you know what I’m hearing, Thomas? I’m hearing a vast amount of what I should not be doing, when you’ve not even greeted me properly. Why, you’ve yet to kiss my hand, or perhaps give me a h-hug.”

Helpless, he stared at her. How did she do it? She’d been here less than five minutes, and already she had drawn him back in.

If you would like to read some other wonderful six sentences, click on the picture below to be taken to the list.

Thanks for dropping by, peeps!

*This will definately change. At the moment, not too sure what the title will be. It will come to me, though, never fear!


  1. Now she sounds like fun!

  2. She sounds like quite a lady!

  3. Seems like she’s going to prove a real distraction!

  4. Love the story premise. It sounds like an enjoyable read.

  5. Jessica Subject

    Love how she weakens him so. Nice six! 🙂

  6. Oh, I love her delicate, hitch in breath. He’s so toast.

  7. Methinks he wants to be drawn back in, at least a little? Excellent excerpt!

  8. I like the way you describe the effect she has on him. I’m thinking his attempts to be dignified may fail. Excellent six, Cassandra!

  9. Well, he’s trying to be strait-laced. Not sure he’ll succeed, though.

  10. Thanks for all your wonderful comments! This story is just taking its tottering first steps, but I think it might turn into something special 😀

  11. Love their interaction. This sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun watching him come undone. 🙂

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