Six Sentence Sunday – Silk pt 6

UPDATED: Six Sentence Sunday is here! Thanks to the lovely Six Sentence Sunday people, and all those who visit and comment.

First up, sorry for the break in transmission, peeps, I don’t know where my brain was at. The lure of those cocktails must have been strong. However, now I’m back and here’s six sentences from Silk!

Slowly, hesitantly, his lips met hers, brushed once, twice.

Pleasure rushed through her, sharp and bright. Never had it been like this. All the boys she’d kissed, the men she’d teased, none had made her feel as she did now. Emotion swelled, until it felt her heart was too large for her chest and would encompass all of her, occupy her totally with this feeling for him. For Thomas.

If you would like to read some other wonderful six sentences, click on the picture below to be taken to the list.

Thanks, peeps! I promise next week I’ll be on the ball 😀

Hi peeps!

Well, I left the house without completing my Six Sentence Sunday post because I’m a silly duffer. I will update with my six sentences asap!

In the mean time, here’s a picture of the cabaret show and cocktails I’m neglecting you all for:


  1. Jessica Subject

    An amazing kiss, and a great six! 🙂

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