Random thoughts

* Have you peeps seen Better Call Saul yet? Oh my, how good is it? Vince Gilligan has struck again. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds, as Jimmy becomes Saul and descends into murky waters.

* I’m really looking forward to a few books coming my way real soon. The last Bloodlines book by Richelle Mead, The Ruby Circle, is winging it’s way to me, along with the latest in Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London series, Soulbound. I’m also looking to pick up Kresley Cole’s The Master this weekend, and hopefully Sarah Mayberry will release Anticipation soon.

* Edits continue on SILK & SCARS. Hopefully have some news for you peeps real soon.

* The Fringe has started here in Adelaide. Will be seeing at least one show, with many fun times in the Garden. If you’re near Radealaide any time during the next month, make sure you stop by.

That’s about it. Until next time!


March Madness!

Hi peeps!

Whew, we’re in March already – how did that happen?? Here in Radelaide, we’re halfway through the Fringe, the roar of the Clipsal 500 echoes through our streets, and the Adelaide Festival has just begun. Busy, busy times.

In the blogospheres, plenty is also afoot. The Romance Readers are celebrating their second anniversary with an awesome party! I’m lucky enough to be a part of the celebrations and I hope you’ll join us. There are lots of fantastic prizes on offer, as well as lots of games and fun times.

See you all there, peeps!

The Romance Reviews 2nd Anniversary Party