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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a modern adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, played out on YouTube and various other social media platforms. The The Lizzie Bennet Diariesbrain child of Hank Green of the VlogBrothers and Bernie Su, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries updates Pride and Prejudice in a marvellous and wholly relevant way.

Lizzie is now a grad student, working towards her thesis. At the beginning of the series, she lives at home with her two sisters, Jane and Lydia, as well as her mother and father. Then, the Bennet sisters meet a medical student named Bing Lee at a wedding, as well as his friend, this awkward, stuck-up, prideful dude named William Darcy

This is an impressive adaptation, and one I highly recommend*. Unfolding as if Lizzie really is vlogging regularly about the minutia of her life, this story has taken on a life of its own, one encompassing YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Of course, the story as Jane Austen originally penned can’t be reproduced in its entirety. There are clever updates to the tale, such as Mary becoming a cousin and close friend of Lydia’s after a rocky start, and Kitty becoming, quite literally, Lydia’s kitty. All the characters have been fleshed out and given depths only hinted at in the book. Lydia especially has benefited from this, becoming an exuberant but lonely young woman who is misunderstood by her big sister, Lizzie.

We’re at the pointy end of the stick in regards to the timeline, with Wickham revealing his dickish nature. It’s truly horrifying how the writers have updated his callousness and self-interest, and so completely in keeping with the technology-soaked times we live in.

I’m on tenterhooks to discover how they’ll resolve the tale. As we all know the ending, the joy isn’t in what will happen, but how. What will happen to Lydia, now that Wickham’s true nature has been revealed? How will this affect her sisters, and Lizzie’s burgeoning relationship with Darcy? Will GiGi Darcy help Lydia deal with Wickham, seeing as she went through a similar experience? What will bring Jane and Bing back together? HOW WILL LIZZIE AND DARCY FINALLY GET TOGETHER???
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* I’ve recently discovered historical romance author, Kate Noble, is a writer on the show, which is just the sauce that is awesome.