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untitledRecently, I purchased The Office Special Edition on DVD. I’ve been wanting my very own copy for quite some time – I love watching the Christmas specials at, well, Christmas, and it always makes my heart glow when Tim and Dawn finally get together. And now I have my very own copy to call my own!

I’ve been making my way through the episodes and my word, the gold it contains. Makes me laugh and cringe just as much now as when I first saw it. What I love as well is the pathos Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant weave into the show. Every character is painfully real, and you can bet your bottom dollar you’ve encountered people like these in office jobs around the world. Also, the sense of mind-numbing tedium of office life is ably recreated in this show. I must admit, the first time I saw an episode, I thought it was a documentary – the care Gervais and Merchant have taken to make their show seem like real life (slightly heightened) is astounding.

I’m enjoying watching all the specials included in this ten year anniversary edition as well. Great to hear what others think of the show, and how influential it’s been.

Right. Back to it. I’ve still got most of a Christmas special to watch 😀

Have you been watching…Being Human (UK)

Have you been watching...Cassandra Dean shares her love of TV

My love of TV + my blog = Awesome fun sharing times.
Enjoy the shows I think are The Shizz


It’s all over, peeps. After five seasons and a complete change in cast, the show that started off as a cosy drama about English twenty somethings but became a supernatural gem about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who just wanted to be human is done. And what a show it was.Being Human BBC3 Toby Whitehouse

Being Human is a UK tv series that hooked me right in from the beginning. The first season is outstanding, with the three supernatural flatmates bonding fantastically, as well as tortured marvellously by their supernatural status. George is like a big puppy, who hates that he turns violent once a month. Mitchell is tortured by blood and addiction, and struggles mightily to keep his darkness at bay. Annie doesn’t know how she died, or why she just can’t move on. As the season progresses, they lean on one another and become a family, uniting to face the awesome villain Herrick.

The fourth and fifth season has a completely changed cast, which was a little weird at first but I soon came to love Hal, Tom and Alex.


You guys, I’m racking my brains to come up with eloquent and elegant words to describe how awesome Being Human is and why you should watch it, but alas my brains are not cooperating. Stupid brains. Let me just encourage you to check it out, watch the first few eps and then tell me it is not the sauce that is awesome. Go on. I dares you 🙂

Plus, Aidan Turner is in it and he’s just super pretty.


PS, make sure you check out the online spinoff, Becoming Human, as well!

Have you been watching…Utopia

Have you been watching...Cassandra Dean shares her love of TV

My love of TV + my blog = Awesome fun sharing times.
Enjoy the shows I think are The Shizz


Utopia recently finished it’s six episode first series. It was a bit awesome.

Utopia is a graphic novel that has a cult following, a comic that is rumoured to predict the worst disasters of the last century. UtopiaVolume 1 was published years ago, but a rumoured second volume brings together four disparate fans who soon discover the events Utopia depicts are not fictional. The four are persecuted, arrested, tortured – all for their proximity to the rumoured second volume. But when the mysterious Jessica Hyde appears, they will never, ever be able to return to their normal lives…

Conspiracies, double-crossing and desperation are the order of the day with Utopia. Intricately plotted, the story moves at a fast pace, though a sense of dread riddles each scene. Beautifully shot, each episode is an absolute visual delight. Bright yellow dominates the palette, and the presence of this almost sickeningly bright colour highlights the Very Important Scenes.

It also had banging theme music.

The Brits are amazingly stylish and bold with their programming, responsible for some truly outstanding television in recent times (Misfits, Being Human, The Fades, etc). Utopia more than adds to this fantastic trend, and it was an absolute pleasure to watch each episode.

It ended in true post-apocalyptic fashion, though it seems a second series is in the works. I’ll definitely be signing up for more!

Find out more at Utopia’s website, IMDb and Wikipedia.