RWAus Conference 2014 Wrap up

Off we go - RWAus Conference

Off we go – RWAus Conference

In August, I attended Romance Writers of Australia’s annual conference, held in Sydney’s Olympic Park. This year, I went in my capacity of editor with Decadent Publishing, which was a great experience. Previously, I’ve attended as an author, so it was really cool to see the differences in the two capacities. There was a lot more industry talk, for instance, and I was fortunate to meet some wonderful publishers, editors and agents. But on with the conference debrief!

It begins - RWAus Conference

It begins – RWAus Conference

This year, I attended the Personal Development Day on the Thursday before the core conference. This day was for published authors and focussed on topics to engender our development. This year, there was a lot of discussion surrounding self-publishing, which was extremely interesting. We had sessions by Jim Azevedo from Smashwords and Marie Force, a hugely successful self-published author. I also attended a fabulous workshop on how to handle the media in interviews, especially if the interview is a bit of a tricky one. To cap off the PD Day, we enjoyed a Literacy High Tea, sponsored by Decadent Publishing, with a wonderful and hilarious speech by conference key note speaker, Cherry Adair.

Blurry Cherry Adair - RWAus Conference

Blurry Cherry Adair – RWAus Conference

Friday was an all day workshop with James Scott Bell, but I decided not to attend. Instead, I made my way into Sydney and bought a ton of caramelised pickled onions. These things are the Best. Ever. and only available in Sydney. What? It’s completely normal I’m obsessed by pickled onions.

Friday night we enjoyed the Leather & Lace Cocktail Party. My very well-thought-out, totes-put-a-lot-of-effort-in fancy dress contribution was a lacy cocktail dress I wear to lots of events and a leather jacket. Some people went all out, though, with Maleficent, Cher, Village People and a host of others. Lots of fun was had, indeed!

Lucy's R*by! - RWAus Conference

Lucy’s R*by! – RWAus Conference

Saturday and Sunday was the core conference, with amazing workshops and interesting speakers. I met some fabulous people and gleaned some inspiring hints and tips. Saturday night saw the Gala Award Dinner, where my friend and critique partner, Lucy Clark, won a Ruby! The equivilant of RWAmerica’s Rita, Lucy has been nominated before but has not won. I was so pleased to be in attendence to accept the award on her behalf (Lucy was unable to attend the conference this year).

And that was the conference! Next year, the conference moves to Melbourne. Should be super fun times for all!


Next year! - RWAus Conference

Next year! – RWAus Conference



Off to RWAustralia con!

Hi peeps,

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog, but that’s about to change. Why, I hear you ask? Because I’m off to the Romance Writers of Austalia conference!

Tomorrow,  I’m jetting off to Homebush in Sydney to enjoy the fun and frivolity of the conference. In addition to all the writerly fun, I’m also attending in my capacity as editor. So super pumped to hang with all the peeps,  enjoy the workshops and, of course, the cocktail party and awards dinner.

I’ll be updating my instagram and twitter while there so make sure you check out the fun!

Slow it Down Workshop: A Fair to Remember

Peeps, Lucy Clark and I will be presenting a workshop at A Fair to Remember in a few weeks on Slowing Down your writing so you catch an editor’s eye. In other lives, we both edit for online publishers and we have found most manuscripts could greatly benefit from slowing down, lingering on the characters, the emotion and the situation so the work packs a huge emotional punch. We’ll be offering hints and tips on how to do this, so come on by if you’re in Adelaide!

There are lots of other great authors and workshops, so it’s well worth the cover charge. Also, there’s a pretty nifty quiz night – I’ll be there! I love me a quiz night!

Hope you see you all there