Revenants and swords and barbarians, oh my

One of my very favourite authors is Meljean Brook. I love her stories with a fiery passion, and the lady herself is hysterical. Check out her blog and tell me she is not funny as. Go on. I’ll wait.

So, I picked up Meljean’s* latest effort, “The Beast of Blackmoor“, part of the Night Shift anthology and fell in love. It’s a story about barbarians. With blood! And guts! And really hot smexing fun times!

Beginning a new series, “The Beast of Blackmoor” tells the tale of barbarian warrior lady Mala and barbarian warrior man Kavik. Sent on a quest to honour the goddess Vela, Mala must tame the Beast of Blackmoor or be shunned and reviled by all. Wrapped in the red cloak of her quest, she has ventured a year or more to fulfill Vela’s will.

Years ago, Kavik begged the goddess for the power to destroy the brutal invader of his country, but her refusal led to fury and an unwise course. Offended, the goddess cursed Kavik and he now lives in fear of the woman in the red cloak…

This story is so super cool. Meljean Brook does strong, complex heroes totally gone for the heroine so fricking well, and her heroines are badass, brave and clever and capable and just the sauce that is awesome. This story is no different. Mala has such joy, and she doesn’t allow Kavik’s very rough edges to discourage her. In fact, they kinda turn her on. Kavik pretends like he doesn’t care for Mala, but he’s gone for her from the beginning, and as well as loving her, he admires her tremendously. I can’t tell you how sexy I find that, peeps 🙂

I can’t wait for the next story in the series. I’m sure it will be barbari-tastic <--see what I did there??? Check it out at Amazon, Book Depository and Meljean’s site.


* oh, should probably mention Meljean is writing under the name Milla Vane for this series. Check out her site here –>

Bits and pieces around the web

On my travels around the interwebs, I come across some pretty nifty things. Here, for your viewing pleasure, some of these gems*:

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And now on to the time-wasting portion of the post:

Oh, hipster peeps. You are so easy to mock.
A new Australian webseries surrounding completely delusional hipsters who live in Bondi Beach, this series is totes amazeballs, brah. Checks it out, like totes now, k?
source: Bland Canyon

A seven part Australian webseries beginning with the derailment of a train in Sydney. Horrifying enough, but it becomes even more horrific when the survivors mysteriously start to die of unexplained causes…
source: Bland Canyon

Jimmy Fallon rather hilariously sends up Downton Abbey. Pretty niftily, in my opinion
source: Tellyspotting

Downton Sixbey Ep 1

Downton Sixbey Ep 2

*Other gems are available via my tumblr and pintrest