MV5BMTU4MDU3NDQ5Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTU5MDUxNTE@__V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_Peeps, guess where I’m off to tonight??? To the movies, to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron!!!! I’m so super pumped!!!!!

…Yeah, I guess you can tell that, hey? There are a lot of exclamation points there.

Seriously, though, I’m so excited. My love for Joss has been well documented here and in various other arenas (sorry for the obsessive love, Joss) and I’m so excited and happy for him that he continues to kick goals all over the place. He’s inspired and taught so many writers how to be awesome, including myself (because I’m so totally super awesome, you know). I mean, just look at the list of people who worked on Buffy/Angel/Firefly and tell me those people are not super awesome at what they do and, most of them, praise Joss to the high heavens. I would LOVE to meet him one day, to chat about writing and other fun things…although I’d probably be intimidated out of my head.

Still. I’m going to see The Avengers tonight. Sweet!

Upcoming fun

I love me a bit of film and TV, and it seems there’s lots to keep me occupied. Tons of stuff is coming in the next few months and, kind soul that I am, I’ve rounded it up here for your delection. Observe:


Hannibal season 3

Season 2 left us with one hell of a cliffhanger ending and I can’t wait to see what season 3 brings. I already know Richard Armitage (OMG, he’s so pretty!) will guest in a mulit-episode arc as Francis Dolarhyde, and I know there’s something else I’m super excited about but can’t think of right at the minute…oh, one other thing is Gillian Anderson has been promoted to series regular. I LOVE her, so am super thrilled. Now, what was this other thing… Oh wells, I’ll let you know if I remember!


The Avengers: Age of Ultron

We all know my deep, abiding love for Joss and I had such a blast with the first Avengers movie, how could I not be looking forward to this mightily? Plus, I have severe lust for Chris Evans, especially in his Captain America guise. Bring on 24 April!


Penny Dreadful season 2

I heart the first series big time and can’t wait to see what season 2 will bring. Plus, Helen McCrory in a bath of blood? Who WOULDN’T want to see that??


Star Wars: Episode VII

I’m kinda excited and a lot trepidatious. The prequels sucked the fat one, but I’m hopeful Lawrence Kasden returning as writer will give us some Empire/Jedi like fun. Fingers and toes, peeps.


Sherlock Christmas Special

Peeps, they’re wearing period costumes! What could this mean? I don’t know, but I sure what to find out!!! The only bummer is we’ll have to wait until Christmas. Sigh.


So, there’s some of the things I’m looking forward to this year. What are you looking forward to?


PS, I’ve created a Facebook group! Man, exciting times, hey peeps?

This group will have bits and bobs, odds and sods and all CD-related news. You can join here –> Cassandra Dean Fans and Supporters

“The Avengers” retains the awesome!

Oh my god, you guys, I saw The Avengers again today and it was just as good as the first time!!! This time, I thought I would take notes on why it was so awesome (and also to learn a bit at the movie knee of Joss) but that kind of stopped about twenty minutes into the movie. Because I got distracted. BY THE AWESOME.

So, I’m going to detail my twenty minutes worth of notes below the jump. Potential spoilers, peeps. Click away ONLY if you’ve ALREADY SUCCUMBED TO THE AWESOME

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OMG, you guys, The Avengers is amazing!

Oh my god! Oh my god, peeps! Today I saw The Avengers!!!!

Written and directed by my writing hero, Joss Whedon, The Avengers is the culmination of Marvel Studios multi-movie plan. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk all come together to form the world’s heroes – The Avengers. Also part of the team, but without solo movies, are Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Yeah. It was awesome.

So, why was this movie so awesome? Let me detail the ways!

No spoilers, peeps, so proceed without fear

One of things that mightily impressed me is how the cost to the characters was portrayed. These guys are superheroes, right? Nothing hurts them, correct?

Well, no.

The best way to show the power and might of an enemy is to show the damage they can wreck. If our heroes are SUPER, show the physical cost of their battles. If a demi-god, a super soldier, and a man in an iron suit can be beaten about as if they are annoying flies, what does that say about the might of the bad guys?

Our heroes get beaten up A LOT, and it takes it out of them. Each character shows the physical cost fighting bad guys takes on them, and yet they pick themselves up and continue fighting. This is a theme Joss Whedon visits often, especially in Angel. True heroism is picking yourself up when you’ve been beaten down, and continuing to fight.

Character-informed Dialogue
Joss has an amazing ear for dialogue. There are ten main characters, and each one sounds unique and different. Loki’s voice sounds nothing like Tony Stark’s voice, which sounds nothing like Agent Coulson’s voice, which sounds nothing like Natasha Romanoff’s voice. Each character’s dialogue informs their personality and goals.

When Thor speaks in his grandiose, Shakespearen way, you know this is because he is from another world. When Tony Stark makes smart-arse comments, you know he’s doing it to piss everyone off.

A big action or dramatic moment, where your heart is racing and you feel you are about to leap out of your skin, is immediately undercut with humour. You bark a laugh, and realise this is pacing at its finest.

Also, watch out for Hulk and Thor’s moment – fried gold.

Witty Banter
The Tony Stark/Pepper Potts scene. LOVE.


So there’s a few reasons I HEART The Avengers. I’m definitely going to rewatch this as soon as I possibly can.



Joss Whedon, you are totally my hero*

How can you not HEART Joss Whedon? This was his response when asked about what he’d do in the inevitable (please, God!) The Avengers sequel:

By not trying to [top it]. By being smaller. More personal, more painful. By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself. I want to know what makes them tick, what makes them flawed, what makes them fight — and ultimately, what makes them awesome. I go to these movies for those moments when the heroes define themselves, either through action or deliciously overwritten speeches.

Does this guy know his stuff or what?? I WOULD GO SEE THIS MOVIE IN A HEARTBEAT.

But then, I’d go see anything by Joss. So, really, not much of a recommendation ;p


(source: io9)

* Joss being my hero comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.