Writing is fun

This is what I tell myself constantly. Writing is Fun! It’s exciting! It in no way is hard and work-like! You love it to pieces! Seriously!

Sometimes, this even works.

It’s weird that something that gives me so much pleasure can also be such a chore. Once I get in to it, writing can completely take over, such that hours pass and I don’t even realise that much time has elapsed. However, getting to that point is just. So. Difficult. There is so much else to do. I reckon the washing needs to be done. Shouldn’t I clean the bathroom? Maybe I should check the internet again.

However, I’m happy to report today was spent in successful pursuit of writing fun. I wrote quite a bit, so yay me! I’m trundling along nicely on Secret Squirrel project (70% of first draft done, peeps!) and I’m on track to finish it by the end of January. Huzzah!

Other stuff that is happening in my life – I will be going to Sovereign Hill soon! The last time I went was some years ago, but this time it ties in almost perfectly with Secret Squirrel Project (and that’s a bit of a hint right there!). I’ll enjoy hanging out in Old Timey Ballarat, panning for gold and dying candles a lovely shade of brown. I won’t spend too much on all the fun times – at least, I say that now. I’m certain this will all change when I get there! Also, I might be able to sneak over to Daylesford for a bit. I’ve never been, but am quite keen to check out it’s serenity.

Apart from that, not much else is happening. Just trundling along, writing and planning the trip. January is a bit of a lull before the excitement of February (have you heard? TEACH ME is totally going to be released then!).

What are you peeps up to?