Release Day for THE COMPLETE UNDERGROUND SERIES by Jessica E. Subject #boxset

My friend, Jessica Subject, has a release day! Check out The Complete Underground Series, all three titles available in one bundle for the first time.
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In the future…
The corporation Planet Core holds all of the power. They place restrictions on the lives of those living within their boundaries, including who they can love. And there is no escape.

Deception runs deep…
The rebel group, calling themselves The Underground, is disputing the corporation’s leadership. With the desire for freedom, they will fight.

And betrayal can come from anyone…
Will the rebels defeat Planet Core, or end up fighting for their lives?

Includes: Never Gonna Let You Go, Never Gonna Desert You, and Never Gonna Say Goodbye

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Decadent Publishing
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~ Excerpt ~

When the glide arrived at her stop, she stepped off with a swell of other riders. She crossed the asphalt road, once used for gas-powered vehicles, and took a deep breath. I’m finally home. Sliding her card to gain access to the secure building, her heart raced in anticipation. She needed to be with Erik, find out the truth, and reunite with the man she loved. However, her apartment door didn’t open.

“Access denied,” the robotic female voice rang out.

What? She tried again with the same result. Sliding the card faster or slower didn’t make a difference. She couldn’t get into her apartment building.

“Please vacate the area. Authorities have been notified.”

Calla’s stomach twisted. Her throat tightened. Was this Malock’s doing?

She pulled out her communicator and contacted the building manager. “Taylor, it’s Calla Jacobs. My card won’t work in the reader. Can you please open the door for me?”

He grimaced at her. “I’m sorry, Jacobs, but I’m under strict orders not to let you into the building. Your apartment has already been assigned to another employee, and your belongings were taken a week ago to Planet Core.” He disconnected, leaving her to stare at a blank screen.

A week ago? Malock had planned her demise before she’d even left for Airondelle? Tears threatened to fall. She wiped them away. With PC cameras all over the city, she imagined he watched her and laughed. She stood tall, not letting him get to her.

Although she had no possessions, no place to live, she could still live a happy life with Erik. But where was he if not at her apartment? After they’d decided to return to being friends, he’d moved to Planet Core claiming she would be too much of a temptation for him if they continued living together.

She dialed his communicator, hoping he’d be nearby. When he failed to answer, not once, but five times within ten minutes, Calla lost hope. Malock had ruined her as he’d threatened. She had nothing left. Her only option was to return home to her parents. A glide could get her there by nightfall.

She squashed that irrational thought. No! She’d rather live in the rumored underground cities than go crawling back to the two people who’d admitted they’d only had her to gain status in the business world. She couldn’t go back there. She’d rather take her chances and return to Planet Core.

Sirens hauled her back from her thoughts. A police hover bike flew past her and ground to a halt. Glancing in her direction, the officer pointed at her.

I haven’t done anything wrong!

When the bike circled toward her, she ran—her first instinct. Malock knew too many people, and he’d reminded his recruits every day when he’d dropped in on their training. She hadn’t realized how those words would affect her until now.

The siren on the bike screamed behind her. She motioned to cross at the intersection where people and hover vehicles waited for the lights to change. But instead, she spun around the corner, hoping to throw off the officer. She peered over her shoulder to see if the bike followed her, and smacked into what felt like a brick wall. Landing on her ass, she stared up at the mountain of a man before her.

The guard from Planet Core.

She crab-walked backward across the concrete sidewalk. Hopping onto her feet, she fled back onto the main street. She traveled the way she’d come, unsure if anywhere would be safe. No one could escape the cameras.

Hurrying past her building, she spotted the hover bike reflected in its dark glass walls. The siren had been turned off, and the officer was almost on her. She scanned her surroundings for an escape route. Similar glass buildings lined the next few blocks, all owned by Planet Core. She couldn’t get into any of them now, and there was no place she could hide.

Her lungs ached from running. Maybe she should surrender. What then? I’ll be killed.

“Stop!” The officer on the bike rocketed in front of her.

At the same time, something grabbed her arm and yanked her into darkness. A cloth slammed over her mouth, muffling her cry. Shit! Things just went from bad to worse.

15_02_24_Jessica Subject underground series

Writing, writing, writing…

So, I’m all fired and raring to go with the writing. I’ve got three series on the go at varying stages: First up, there’s the Diamond Series, my Old Timey Westerns. The last book in the series, EMERALD SEA, is kicking my behind. It’s not coming together as easily as I’d like (when do they, Cassandra asks herself ruefully). The heroine, Hope, hasn’t changed much but I’ve changed my mind on who the hero, Jake, is. Even his name has changed, from the eloquent and biblical Jacob to the more decisive derivative, Jake. (As an aside, I’ve kind of kicked myself with this, as generic action heroes are always named John or Jack or Jake – check out any action movie of the last twenty years. You won’t find a Paul or Daniel amongst them. But…completely off topic). The plot has changed slightly to incorporate this new version of Jake, but I’m still having issues with the flow. Oh wells, it will come. Much like Christmas.

The Silk Series is steaming away like nobody’s business. SILK & SCARS, the third in the series, is with my editor and will be released in the first half of this year. SILK & SCHOLAR, the next in the series, is bubbling away nicely and I’m really enjoying Etta and Christopher’s shenanigans. Oh my, but Christopher loves to niggle Etta. Tis a thing of beauty.

The third series is brand new and in early concept stages – THE CHARRINGTON SISTERS. Based around three sisters venturing into the marriage mart in Regency London, this series will see me finally writing my regencies! Only took me what, nine or ten books? Well done, Cassandra.

Right, well I guess I better get back to it. These books aren’t going to write themselves (unfortunately).


COVER REVEAL: Charmed by Cate Masters

Peeps, we’re very lucky to have Cate Masters on the blog again with another Cover Reveal. The cover is for CHARMED, second in The Vitruvian Man series and part of Decadent TEASE: Allure. Check it out below!
Brought together by accident, bound by fate—and magic. Love works its charm over Bruno DiCesare and Melina Weaver during his transformation from beast to man. But love likewise blinds them to the secrets each holds. Bruno thinks his secret will devastate Melina. Melina’s afraid Bruno will hate her for what she’s become. Neither guess the greatest danger lurks outside their door – and will force them to decide between love and life itself.

The Vitruvian Man, book 2
Dark fantasy/paranormal romance
Coming Aug. 30, 2013
Decadent Publishing


Wow, so fast. Melina held Bruno’s hand until his grasp went slack. The treatment seemed to take effect almost as soon as he’d swallowed it. He shouldn’t react immediately; his body should be able to handle it better by this time. Unless Eldie increased the dosage?

Suspicion drew her gaze to the bottle. Of course she couldn’t tell by sight, and she had no idea what ingredients the sorceress had used in the other preparations. She shouldn’t have agreed to it so readily, nor trusted Eldie so blindly. In any other situation, she’d have asked to review the complete specifications.

She stroked Bruno’s arm. I wanted him cured for me as much as for himself. If her selfishness harmed him in any way, she’d carry that guilt forever. Try to make it up to him forever.

For now, she’d have to occupy her mind with something else or drive herself insane. His deep breaths meant he’d sleep for at least a day.

A hushed sigh sounded from the other room.

“Eldie?” Back so soon?

No answer came except for a slight rustle. She crept to the curtain. “Who’s here?”

Even as she asked, she sensed a presence unlike any she’d encountered before. Everything remained as she’d left it, the lamp glowing in the center of the table, laptop beside the scattered books. Lucky the sorceress hadn’t seen them. Luck, or something more.

She returned to the volume she’d left open. A page rippled, lifted straight up and fell over. Another muffled sigh escaped. Melina. The whisper so slight, it was barely audible. Yet without a doubt, she heard her name.

She traced a finger down the spine. It quivered beneath her touch like the plucked string of a guitar. With a gasp, she jerked her hand back.

Uncertain she hadn’t imagined it, she repeated the move and got the same result.

How? She pulled the chair close to the table and examined the pages. Nothing out of the ordinary, except perhaps how finely executed the handwritten entries appeared, each letter as perfect as the last. Almost like they’d been printed to fool the eye of a curious reader. An Italian reader. If only these were in English.

The longer she studied the text, the clearer it became. The letters blurred, shimmered, then shifted, rearranging themselves into… English. She didn’t need to enter the words into the translator site on her laptop, she understood every sentence.

She ran her fingers lightly over the page. The letters shifted again, scattering at her touch, as if she’d disturbed the surface of a pond.

“What the…” It changed back to Italian, the letters appearing to float. She swirled a fingertip across the surface, and the words formed a swarm, like a school of fish following bait. Like fish, they seemed to nibble at the tip of her finger. Impossible, but it tickled.

Fascinating. But this silliness got her nowhere. She’d never learn anything if this kept up. “Stop.”
The scripted words froze in a jumbled, nonsensical order.

She hovered her hand above the passage, and the letters stretched up off the page in tall columns to meet it. The pull of the connection reached inside her skin, as if it had been magnetized.

This is crazy. But obviously it’s not. It’s happening. It’s real.


About Cate

Cate Masters has made beautiful central Pennsylvania her home, but she’ll always be a Jersey girl at heart. When not spending time with her dear hubby, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company. Look for her at and in strange nooks and far-flung corners of the web.
Cate loves to hear from readers! Email her at:

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Book Blitz! HEAT WAVE by Taryn Kincaid

Welcome Taryn Kincaid to the blog with her brand new 1NS and book 4 in the Sleepy Hollow series, HEAT WAVE. We’re lucky enough to get a peak of this wonderful new book, so check it out below!
13_08_11_Taryn Kincaid_Heat-Wave-300x450

Sent into the human realm to retrieve prodigal princess, Zena Night, Bhyrne Raines is shocked and unprepared for his carnal reaction to the sexy succubus. In service to the succubus queen, the rugged enforcer must stifle the instant passion exploding within him. Fulfilling his royal duty doesn’t allow for quickie dalliances. His biological clock is ticking, and he begins to enter breedspawn, an intense and unstoppable frenzy of mating all fire-demon males must endure. But the more he wants to avoid Zena, the more he’s drawn to her.

Reluctant to give up her carefree life of partying among the mortals when the hot-as-sin Bhyrne comes to fetch her for the queen, Zena uses her succubus wiles to entice him, or at least delay the inevitable trip to the royal court. Once in the demon stronghold, hidden deep within the Catskill mountains, she learns the reason for the summons: she must choose a consort within two days.

Zena needs a mate. Bhyrne needs to mate. With time running out for both of them, they each turn to 1Night Stand. With time running out, can Madame Eve come to the rescue?

Available NOW
Decadent Publishing
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Holy freeze gun, Batman. The words died before she managed to expose them to air. Her mouth snapped shut.

One of the Queen’s guards stood before her, huge and tall, nearly twice the size of most of the other males in the joint, a hella hunka supernatural male. Clearly not human, although Hugo Boss’d to his Adam’s apple in an apparent bid to fit in among the humans trolling for hot sex, illicit drugs, watered-down booze and loud music. Beneath the fabric of the unstructured designer suit, the toned muscles of a demonic warrior rolled like tidal waves. Even without the small lapel pin the uninformed might mistake for the The Rolling Stones’ logo, she’d recognize him for a captain of the guard. Maybe the Queen’s own Captain.

Hellfire and cotton candy. Trouble. T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

But, by the goddess, whattahottie! Despite her certainty that his presence in the club corridor boded ill for her, the force of her sudden hunger shook her.

Like lightning.


A desperate bolt out of the blue.

Instant connection to him on the paranormal plane, as if he’d wrapped her aura in gold chains and tugged her to him. But did that fast lane to heaven run one way or two?

A grim expression straightened the lines of what otherwise might have been a generous, sensuous mouth. A military buzz cut had weed-whacked hair the color of iron. And it didn’t stop there. Without doubt, metal fortified every single cell in the massive male’s body, pure titanium flowing in his veins. The stern planes and angles of a hard-edged, swoon-worthy face set grimly as cement. Though he lounged in the hallway like any Archie or Jughead waiting in line to discharge his rented beer in a urinal, he exuded authority, his carriage and bearing such that he made the others look like a pack of Twizzlers. Oh. Yeah. More than a mere guardsman, she guessed. An enforcer.



About Taryn

Taryn is an Olympic caliber athlete egg roller and spends a great deal of her time petitioning the U.S.O.C. to introduce a fantail shrimp competition. When she’s not bungee jumping off the Palisades or parasailing up and down the Hudson River, she devotes her time to caring for her aging pet walrus, arranging her voodoo doll-pin collection and practicing rhythmic chants. At this moment, she is busy sweeping up the loose masala chai tea leaves she spilled all over the kitchen floor. (Probably because she needs COFFEE.) Wait. Is that something…sparkly?

Taryn hangs around a lot on Facebook and Twitter with her trillions of fans and pops in at Goodreads from time to time. You can catch her on her website,, and her blog, where she lives for comments!


Guest Post: A Journey Inside Co-Writing by Zee Monodee

Peeps, please welcome my good friend and all round lovely person Zee Monodee to the blog. Zee is chatting about her newest release, INESCAPABLE, a collaboration with Natalie Owens, and giving us an insight into the whole self-publishing world.
Please join me in welcoming Zee.

Zee Monodee Natalie Owens Inescapable
Nat: We should do something together.

(FYI, she lives in Malta, in the Mediterranean; I live in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. Thousands of miles apart, and at least 14 hours by flight to connect)

Zee: *nods emphatically* Definitely!

Nat: What, though? A series?

Zee: Yes, yes! With your voice and my propensity to kick arse in every story, we’d do really well (at the time, I wrote mainly heroine-centric espionage)

Nat: So, PNR?

Zee: *nod*

Nat: Our terms. No sex-for-the-sake-of-sex.

Zee: You got it! And we decide everything that is to happen. Our way, all the way!

Nat: Duh! No-brainer, sis. What do you say we self-pub this one, test the waters on our own two – or, uh, four – feet and retain the freedom of publishing schedule and plot content?

Zee: You got it!

Hey everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here today after Cassandra’s lovely invitation. My bestie, Natalie G. Owens (known as Nat to her friends, lol) and I recently indie-pubbed our very first collab book, Inescapable, Book1 in the paranormal/fantasy Eternelles series.

The conversation above is pretty much a summary of how we embarked on this journey together.

What was the most determining aspect of the above discussion? I’ll admit it was the ‘no sex-for-the-sake-of-sex’ part. Allow me to say neither of us is a prude. Nat might be Catholic, and I might be a Muslim, but lol, we do have sex in our stories. Plenty of it, even. But have you ever read a book where it’s supposed to be romantic suspense or PNR with action and danger, and it feels like someone fast forwards the action, pauses the story, slow motions a sex scene, then hits play, only to have the same thing happen again? We didn’t want that. If sex was to be in our story, it would be in organically, not something that feels ‘forced’ just because we have to “write more sex and heat” in.

So Nat and I decided to play…and she surprised me with the blast of heat she brought to this book! The characters she wrote, Sera and Rafe, scorched the pages in their every encounter! The story is written in split POVs – Nat wrote Sera, a 125-year-old girl who clings to the teenage mentality. Sera is of phoenix and gypsy origins, and 100 years earlier, Rafe, a vampyre, turned her and made her his. In 2012, he is back into her life to claim her.

In comparison, my pair – Adri and Des – looks very tame. Uh, exactly like you’d expect ‘staid’ parents to be, I suppose… Adri is a 2,900-yr-old immortal hailing from Ancient Greece and who grew up on Olympus. She’s the daughter of a human maenad and Dionysos, Greek god of wine and revelry. Despite having lived for centuries as a skilled and cunning courtesan in the highest reaches of European courts, Adri came out more like the worrying and over-protective mother she is. For the past 1,000 years or so, Adri has been stuck on uncovering the identity of the mysterious masked man who kissed her on the darkened terrace of a ball in Crusade-time Jerusalem. She finally finds him when Des Roxburgh steps into her life in 2012, too. Why didn’t he come forth all these centuries, and what does he want now? More important, who, and what, is he? Des can disappear out of thin air, wring the neck of a shifty, mist-like Soul Stealer, and bodily haul a vampyre overlord across a room. He admits to being the ‘only one of his kind’ but Adri has no clue what that means, except to suspect he must have something demonic in him…

But her desire for Des has simmering for a millennium, and it’s no wonder she succumbs, no matter what he is…

At the heart of the Eternelles series is Adri and Sera, and the mother-daughter bond between them. Despite being immortal paranormal creatures, the generation gap between parents and children is more than present between these two.

And this is another forte we uncovered – relationships. Nat is older than me, but we swapped the age order when we wrote these characters. She put herself in the shoes of the petulant teenage rebel, while I, recently out of young adulthood, wrote the overbearing parent with so much ‘accuracy’ I’m starting to be worried as to the kind of mother I’d be if I ever had a daughter. Lol, thank goodness I have a son.

Writing these two women, and sketching out their journey for this series, has been a thrill and a heck of a ride for us. With Inescapable now out, and Books2&3, Indomitable and Irresistible, releasing during the second half of 2013, we now look forward to sharing Adri’s and Sera’s journey in our paranormal/fantasy world with you, readers. Join us?
Thanks for stopping by, Zee! INESCAPABLE sounds awesome – make sure you peeps check it out!
Zee Monodee Natalie Owens Inescapable

An immortal born from an unlikely alliance…
Beautiful mythic Greek heiress Adrasteia ‘Adri’ Dionysios has roamed the world for millennia, taking her pleasure where she wanted. Until one night, when Fate drops a baby wrapped in fire into her arms. Motherhood is a formidable challenge, but so is figuring out the identity of a mystery man who makes her pulse race.

A vampyre’s obsession…
Seraphine ‘Sera’ Dionysios’ origins are shrouded in mystery. Torn between a mother whose blood saved her life, and a man who now possesses her soul, the only thing Sera can still cling to is her heart.

One rule matters above all others: Always protect the portal…
When Evil comes to Adri and Sera’s hometown of Shadow Bridge, a place where the mortal human world ends and the supernatural realm starts, it’s up to them to stop a prophecy as old as time itself…or die trying.

Available NOW from:

Amazon US ~ Amazon UKBarnes and Noble ~ Smashwords ~ Kobo ~ iBookstore

Print version: July 2013

French translation to in August 2013

Find what reviewers are saying about Inescapable on the Goodreads page