Random thoughts

* Have you peeps seen Better Call Saul yet? Oh my, how good is it? Vince Gilligan has struck again. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds, as Jimmy becomes Saul and descends into murky waters.

* I’m really looking forward to a few books coming my way real soon. The last Bloodlines book by Richelle Mead, The Ruby Circle, is winging it’s way to me, along with the latest in Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London series, Soulbound. I’m also looking to pick up Kresley Cole’s The Master this weekend, and hopefully Sarah Mayberry will release Anticipation soon.

* Edits continue on SILK & SCARS. Hopefully have some news for you peeps real soon.

* The Fringe has started here in Adelaide. Will be seeing at least one show, with many fun times in the Garden. If you’re near Radealaide any time during the next month, make sure you stop by.

That’s about it. Until next time!


Upcoming fun

I love me a bit of film and TV, and it seems there’s lots to keep me occupied. Tons of stuff is coming in the next few months and, kind soul that I am, I’ve rounded it up here for your delection. Observe:


Hannibal season 3

Season 2 left us with one hell of a cliffhanger ending and I can’t wait to see what season 3 brings. I already know Richard Armitage (OMG, he’s so pretty!) will guest in a mulit-episode arc as Francis Dolarhyde, and I know there’s something else I’m super excited about but can’t think of right at the minute…oh, one other thing is Gillian Anderson has been promoted to series regular. I LOVE her, so am super thrilled. Now, what was this other thing… Oh wells, I’ll let you know if I remember!


The Avengers: Age of Ultron

We all know my deep, abiding love for Joss and I had such a blast with the first Avengers movie, how could I not be looking forward to this mightily? Plus, I have severe lust for Chris Evans, especially in his Captain America guise. Bring on 24 April!


Penny Dreadful season 2

I heart the first series big time and can’t wait to see what season 2 will bring. Plus, Helen McCrory in a bath of blood? Who WOULDN’T want to see that??


Star Wars: Episode VII

I’m kinda excited and a lot trepidatious. The prequels sucked the fat one, but I’m hopeful Lawrence Kasden returning as writer will give us some Empire/Jedi like fun. Fingers and toes, peeps.


Sherlock Christmas Special

Peeps, they’re wearing period costumes! What could this mean? I don’t know, but I sure what to find out!!! The only bummer is we’ll have to wait until Christmas. Sigh.


So, there’s some of the things I’m looking forward to this year. What are you looking forward to?


PS, I’ve created a Facebook group! Man, exciting times, hey peeps?

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Have you been watching…Rake

Have you been watching...Cassandra Dean shares her love of TV

My love of TV + my blog = Awesome fun sharing times.
Enjoy the shows I think are The Shizz


Rake is an Australian TV show that aired on our national broadcaster, the ABC. Starring Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver Greene, a brilliant but self-destructive barrister, the show follows the misadventures of Cleaver as he stumbles through life, lurching from one disaster to another. 250px-Rake_titleLoosely based upon real-life barrister Charles Waterstreet and the cases he tried, the show takes really, really unusual cases and depicts them with a decidedly blackish shade of humour. Add in the ongoing political sagas and Cleaver’s attempts to destroy himself and every relationship he has and you have yourself one humdinger of a show!

Roxburgh is truly outstanding as Cleaver, and I spent many a show in awe of his talents. Ably supported by an outstanding cast, as well as the creme of Australian acting talent as guest stars, this show is a delight to watch actors doing what they do best.

This coming US TV season will see an American version hit the screens. I’m really curious to see how the tale has been adapted – the whole barrister/solicitor dynamic is so integral to how Cleaver and
Barney interact I’ll be interested to see how this is changed for the American market. Not to mention the intrinsic Sydney-ness of it all. Seriously, if the show was set in any other state in Australia, it would be completely different. NSW is believed to be a bit of a ‘police corruption’ state, so the deviousness and depravity of Rake is tied to its setting. How will it go transplanted to America, I’ve no clue…Let’s check it out and see, shall we? 🙂

As you can probably tell, I ADORE this show. I’ve also JUST discovered there will be a third series and I’m ecstatic! Can’t wait to see the shenanigans Cleaver and company get up to.


You can check out Rake at:
the Website ~ Amazon.com ~ IMDb

Trailer for original Rake

Trailer for US Rake


Gossip Girl, I think I might have to break up with you

I persevered through Blair’s “I want to be my own woman who stands on her own without a man, but I’ll immediately turn around and marry this prince, thereby defining myself in terms of a man” hypocrisy.

I only rolled my eyes at Dan’s sudden ascension to literary darling, and subsequent overwhelming demand for his second novel, even though his first sounded like a complete dud.

I let it go when the writers broke up Chuck and Blair because of a PACT WITH GOD (and yes, it was just as ridiculous as it sounds).

However, I cannot let this go. Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf should not be lovers. SHOULD NOT. They are wonderful as friends. Lovers, no.

How, HOW, can you build a show around the romantic love between Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf and then CONSTANTLY DESTROY IT FOR NO GOOD REASON? I could understand if the show showed us them growing apart. I wouldn’t love it, but I’d understand. However, I can’t abide this stupid Dan/Blair romance* at the expense of the Chuck/Blair one.

Gossip Girl, this is a straw. It might be the last one.

*FYI, Blair has now slept with every male character on the show (bar Rufus – God, please, don’t let that happen)