Guest Post: Victoria Blisse!

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Well, we’re super lucky today in that we also have author Victoria Blisse stopping by, chatting about her Christmas release, PROVING SANTA EXISTS! There’s also a giveaway, so make sure you read to the very end.

Take it away, Victoria!
Proving Santa Exists by Victoria Blisse

Christmas Traditions

We all have traditions and in my family many of them centre around Christmas. From little things like getting the Festive Radio Times (I never buy a TV listings magazine otherwise) to baking my Christmas cake and Christmas pudding to a precise recipe and visiting the pantomime to the way we decorate the house and what we leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve!

Jenny in Proving Santa Exists has her own set of Christmas Traditions and she pulls the new guy at work into them too. Here’s the blurb:

When Jonathan transfers from the U.S to the Manchester branch of Computers Inc., Jenny is the first person to make him feel at home. Finding out about his bleak Christmases as a boy, she makes up her mind to involve him in all her English Christmas traditions.

Passion sparks between the two as they decorate the Christmas tree. Who would have thought such an innocent activity could become so sexually charged? Can Jenny succeed in seducing the hot American and also prove to him that Santa really does exist?

And here’s a little excerpt full of tradition:

“Mince pies?” Jonathan looks a little horrified and a lot terrified. My explanation about dried fruit and suet in a pastry case doesn’t seem to alleviate the fear at all.

“You’ll love them.” I reach my hand from the gear stick to his knee. “Trust me.” Squeezing, then lingering, my fingers only leave the warmth of his jean-clad leg when use of the gear stick becomes imperative. Really, it wants to slip higher and higher up his thigh…

“Then what?”

I try to focus on the question. I was thinking about sex, but I’m pretty sure Jonathan isn’t asking me about that.

“Erm, well, we’ll need something to eat, then we’ll watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s a tradition, you know. It won’t be properly Christmas until we do. Then, we’ll go to see the Nativity at Tom’s before going on to midnight mass.”

“Just a few things to do then.”

“Aye!” I laugh heartily. “I’ll keep you busy all night long.” I blush as I realise how that might sound.

“I certainly hope so,” he replies, a wicked teasing light in his eye, sparkling white in the depth of his Guinness-coloured corneas. I giggle nervously then gasp aloud.

“It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” I do a little dance in my car seat, wiggling my hips whilst endeavouring to keep the steering wheel straight. “Oh, goody. I really want a white Christmas.”

“Why, so it is. It’s falling fast, too.” We’re just pulling into my drive, so thankfully I don’t have to drive any farther through the flurries of excited snowflakes.

“I do so love it when it snows!” I dance through the swirling flakes and catch Jonathan’s hand. He twirls around with me, laughing and whooping right along with me. Then he stops twirling and I end up rolling up his arm and bumping into his chest. I am about to apologise when his lips fall onto mine and silence me with a cold but rapidly warming kiss. I melt in his embrace. I wish we didn’t have so many layers between us. I want to feel his skin next to mine. I want to snuggle into him properly, hold him close and make love to him.

We pull apart with a gasping pop.

“Better get inside before we turn into snowmen.” He smiles and brushes snowflakes from my cheek. I return the grin and pull him into the house out of the swirling snow.

I slip off my thick brown coat, and hang it on the end of the stairs. Laying Jonathan’s over the top of it, I linger a moment, appreciating the sweet, musky smell lingering on the material that sparks off images of him on top of me… Oh, stop it girl! Get your hormones in check, there’s mince pies to bake.

For more of Jenny and Jonathan antics pic up your copy of PROVING SANTA EXISTS for just 77p from Amazon UK or for 99 cents at Amazon US

Now, what are your Traditions at this time of the year? Comment and leave your email address to win a copy of ALWAYS CHRISTMAS IN LINCOLN, another of my seasonal stories!
Thanks so much for stopping by, Victoria. That was a lovely set of Christmas traditions 🙂 and peeps, make sure you enter the giveaway!
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ROUGH DIAMOND Blog Tour Continues! Stop 4 #blogtour #win

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ROUGH DIAMOND is officially on tour! Big thanks to Writer Marketing for organising. For the next week, I’ll be popping up all over the place, chatting about a different aspect of ROUGH DIAMOND at each stop.

Rought Diamond by Cassandra Dean

Today is the fourth stop on the tour and I’m over at Victoria Blisse’s. Mosey on over to learn all about Coal and the Mining of It.

But wait! There’s totally more! There are prizes on offer, peeps, as well as a Grand Prize at the end of the tour. Go on over to Victoria Blisse’s for the deets.

Make sure you visit every day this week for the next stop in the tour and your chance to win.


Smut in the City is now available! #newrelease

Smut in the City AnthologyHi peeps!

Smut in the City is now available! This saucy, and yes smutty, anthology is out and about and ready for your delection. 14 talented authors (including me!) bring you seductive and scintilating tales of passion from the city.

You can get your copy from:
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Hope you enjoy mightily!


Lucky Seven

Hey peeps,

I’ve been tagged by the wonderful Victoria Blisse to participate in Lucky Seven* Thanks, Victoria!

So, here’s how it works: Go to page 7 or 77 of your latest work. Read down to the seventh line and then post online the next seven lines or sentences. Then head off and tag seven more writers.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight Silk, the work in progress I’ve been teasing in some of my Six Sentence Sunday posts. Silk is the tale of Thomas, a promising barrister and newly minted Member of Parliament, and Nicola, a lady who just can’t seem to keep away from scandal. They’ve known each other for most of their lives, though they have been apart for some of that time. Here, Nicola pens a letter to Thomas from half a world away:

Bombay, India, 8 November 1842

Dear Thomas,

I am so very sorry for the passing of Lord Harry and Lady Millicent. I cannot even begin to fathom how you must feel. I wish I were with you, dear friend, to give you any comfort or whatever you might require of me.

Know my thoughts are with you, and should I be able, I would rush across the lands and space between us to be by your side.

All my love,


So now, I tag seven writers…Hmm…

Okay, Lucy Clark, Tamara Gill, Jessica E Subject, Barbara Sheridan, Astrid Cooper, V. S. Morgan, Ashlynn Monroe – You’ve been officially tagged!

*You know, Lucky Seven just makes me think of Lucky Number Slevin (called The Wrong Man in Oz), a film by Paul McGuigan starring Josh Hartnett and Bruce Willis. I LOVE this film. It’s super fantastic. Also, FYI, Paul McGuigan directed four of the six episodes of Sherlock. His style is so distinctive and brilliant, and I just think his collaboration with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss is the bestest.