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Hey peeps,

Welcome to the Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop! Big thanks go to Jane Wakely of Romance Blog Hops for hosting. There’s a giveaway below, so make sure you scroll to the end.

I love this time of year, though where I live in Australia, it’s certainly not cold. In fact, warm is a good description…it can sometimes get scorching hot here in dear old Oz. Our Christmas contain air conditioning and cold beer rather than roaring fires and eggnog, swimsuits and sunscreen rather than mittens and scarves, and we don’t get to wear the fabulously tragic Christmas jumpers/sweaters that are the bane of every Christmas movie ever (much to my disappointment).

One day, I’d love to experience a white Christmas, to have the cold sting my face rather than the heat slap me about. However, even if I do one day get to experience this, I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll miss my sweltering Aussie Christmas…

In my latest release, SLUMBER, the climate is also quite warm. I envisioned Dormiraa, the kingdom my hero and heroine hail from, is loosely (VERY loosely) based upon Kings Landing in Game of Thrones. It has the same warm colours, the same heat, the same feel of endless summer…much like Australia right about now!

I hope you enjoy the hop, peeps. Thanks for stopping by!


Latest Release

Slumber by Cassandra Dean Part of Beyond Fairytales from Decadent Publishing

The Tailor has been tasked to find the princess…
Upon decree from his king, Sebastian, Tailor to the entire kingdom of Dormiraa, embarks on the mission to fetch the Princess Thalia home, her seven year Royal Tour over. He didn’t expect to find her working with clockwork and gears, encased within a coffin of glass. He did not expect the sight of her wild black hair to set his heart to pound, or the flash of her dark eyes would heat his blood. He did not expect he would want her so badly, not when he could never have her.

The princess must become the Queen…
Thalia has always known she must return to the capital to prepare for the throne. She did not expect her father to send the Tailor to fetch her, or that this man with his extravagant clothes and subtle cosmetics would intrigue her so well. There was something about him, something that spoke of danger and secrets, even as his wicked mouth and knowing eyes made her yearn.

However, not everyone desires the princess’s return. When they are attacked, they can only turn to each other. Will they overcome status and secrets to discover a love for all time?

Fantasy Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781613337660

Decadent Publishing
Amazon: AU | US | UK
iTunes | B&N



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a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Fall Into Winter Romance Giveaway Hop #western #historical #romance


The Fall Into Winter Romance Giveaway Hop is hosted by
AnnMarie Oakes.
Let the celebrations begin!

Hey peeps!

Welcome to the Fall Into Winter Romance Giveaway Hop! Big thanks go to AnnMarie Oakes for hosting.

This hop is to celebrate the release of Western Kisses Old West Christmas, a romance anthology featuring stories by Carre White and Kirsten Osbourne as well as a host of others. It just so happens I have a couple of western stories so this is a perfect fit!

Featured below is the first in The Diamond Series, ROUGH DIAMOND. I had such fun with Alice and Rupert and their shenanigans, and enjoyed creating the Diamond Saloon and her people. To research, I went on a cheeky trip to Sovereign Hill, an open air museum here in Australia, and that was just all manner of fun. If you’re ever in Ballarat, I highly recommend you check it out.

I hope you enjoy the hop and the glimpse at ROUGH DIAMOND below. There’s also a giveaway so don’t forget to scroll right to the end.

Rough Diamond by Cassandra Dean Western Escape Decadent Publishing


Owner of the Diamond Saloon and Theater, Alice Reynolds is astounded when a fancy Englishman offers to buy her saloon. She won’t be selling her saloon to anyone, let alone a man with a pretty, empty-headed grin…but then, she reckons that grin just might be a lie, and a man of intelligence and cunning resides beneath.

Rupert Llewellyn has another purpose for offering to buy the pretty widow’s saloon—the coal buried deep in land she owns. However, he never banked on her knowing eyes making him weak at the knees, or how his deception would burn upon his soul.

Each determined to outwit the other, they tantalize and tease until passion explodes. But can their desire bridge the lies told and trust broken?

Available NOW
Decadent Publishing
Amazon: US | UK | Canada
Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | All Romance eBooks

8221933Cassandra grew up daydreaming, inventing fantastical worlds and marvelous adventures. Once she learned to read (First phrase – To the Beach. True story), she was never without a book, reading of other people’s fantastical worlds and marvelous adventures.

Fairy tales, Famous Fives, fantasies and fancies; horror stories, gumshoe detectives, science fiction; Cassandra read it all. Then she discovered Romance and a true passion was born.

So, once upon a time, after making a slight detour into the world of finance, Cassandra tried her hand at writing. After a brief foray into horror, she couldn’t discount her true passion. She started to write Romance and fell head over heels.

The love affair exists to this very day.

Cassandra lives in Adelaide, South Australia.



And now, the giveaway
Enter via Rafflecopter below to go in the running to win any Decadent Publishing ebook from my backlist (excluding ROUGH DIAMOND) and a signed ROUGH DIAMOND postcard, a ROUGH DIAMOND magnet. International entries are welcome – if Australia Post can reach your country, you can enter.

But wait, what is this Grand Prize of which you spoke? Why, only a $50 gift card! Sounds pretty nifty, am I right? Make sure you enter!


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Hump Day Hook – Enslaved #HDH #historical #romance

Hump Day Hook - Authors showcasing their work on Hump Day!
Welcome to Hump Day Hook, a weekly list of authors showcasing their work around the Internets. A big thanks to the wonderful peeps at Hump Day Hook for making this possible.

This week, I’m celebrating two years published! That’s right, two years ago ENSLAVED was released and I officially became a published author. To celebrate, I’m holding a contest so make sure you click on the link to enter to WIN.

Now, on with the hook:

Enslaved Cassandra Dean Decadent Publishing Roman Series
Leaning my forearms against the balustrade of the viewing platform, I watched Marcus battle another of my father’s champions, a Greek my father had purchased years ago. Back and forth they sparred, strength and speed behind each move.

The Greek raised his sword, striking fast. Marcus blocked the move and the strength of both gladiators locked the swords together. Face set in concentration, muscles standing in relief, Marcus strained against the force of the Greek. Mouth dry, I ran my gaze over his arms, his shoulders, the play of his back as he pushed against the sword. His loincloth had fallen from his hip, such that he appeared as naked from the side, a thin strip of cloth bisecting his hip the only break in the golden expanse of his flesh.


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SILK & SCANDAL Virtual Book Tour Starts Today

VBT_Silk&Scandal Banner
Presented by Goddess Fish Promotions, the SILK & SCANDAL Virtual Book Tour starts today. Follow the tour for your chance to WIN a USD$25 Amazon Gift Card, as well as SILK & SCANDAL swag.

Make sure you stop by and comment at the following stops:
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July 18:  Books and Other Spells
July 18:  Long Ago Love – an interview and a review
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July 19: Charlene Raddon’s Chatterblog
See you on the tour, peeps.
Silk & Scandal by Cassandra Dean book 1 in the Silk Series Decadent Publishing

Eight years ago…
Thomas Cartwright and Lady Nicola Fitzgibbons were friends. Over the wall separating their homes, Thomas and Nicola talked of all things – his studies to become a barrister, her frustrations with a lady’s limitations.

All things end.
When her diplomat father gains a post in Hong Kong, Nicola must follow. Bored and alone, she falls into scandal. Mired in his studies of the law and aware of the need for circumspection, Thomas feels forced to sever their ties.

But now Lady Nicola is back…and she won’t let him ignore her.
Decadent Publishing Tease Captivate Allure Entice


FOOL’S GOLD Blog Tour Starts Today!

Fool's Gold by Cassandra Dean Blog Tour The Diamond Series Book 2

Peeps, today the blog tour for FOOL’S GOLD starts! You can check out the action at the following sites:

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