The Holy (AFL) Grail


As anyone who follows me on Facebook knows, I’m a bit obsessed with AFL football. My team, Port Adelaide, were hot favourites to reach the Grand Final this year, but a shocker of a season saw us finish ninth on the ladder and completely out of contention for the finals, which comprise the top eight teams (ie, those with the most wins).

At the weekend, the preliminary finals determined the two teams that will compete for the 2015 Premiership Cup – Hawthorn (again – boring as) and West Coast (not as boring). The Grand Final is always held on a Saturday afternoon and, until recently, it was always the last weekend in September. The addition of two clubs to the competition has resulted in the home-and-away round being longer, which has pushed the Grand Final into October. And this Saturday is the day, peeps.

I’ve never been to a Grand Final. I would love to attend one, and if I’m ever given the opportunity, I will leap upon that sucker. And, needless to say, when Port reach the the Grand Final (fingers and toes next year fingers and toes) I will be there faster than you can say “with bells on”. However, the southern parts of Australia (and some parts of NSW and Qld) stop for the Grand Final. It’s actually a great time to go shopping or go on a country drive 🙂

As for me, I’ll be watching. I don’t particularly care who wins, although it would be nice if West Coast got up simply because Hawthorn have been so dominant in recent years. Give someone else a go, I say!

And then footy is all over red rover. Sniff. However shall I occupy myself until next year?

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