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Hey peeps,

Welcome to the Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop! Big thanks go to Jane Wakely of Romance Blog Hops for hosting. There’s a giveaway below, so make sure you scroll to the end.

I love this time of year, though where I live in Australia, it’s certainly not cold. In fact, warm is a good description…it can sometimes get scorching hot here in dear old Oz. Our Christmas contain air conditioning and cold beer rather than roaring fires and eggnog, swimsuits and sunscreen rather than mittens and scarves, and we don’t get to wear the fabulously tragic Christmas jumpers/sweaters that are the bane of every Christmas movie ever (much to my disappointment).

One day, I’d love to experience a white Christmas, to have the cold sting my face rather than the heat slap me about. However, even if I do one day get to experience this, I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll miss my sweltering Aussie Christmas…

In my latest release, SLUMBER, the climate is also quite warm. I envisioned Dormiraa, the kingdom my hero and heroine hail from, is loosely (VERY loosely) based upon Kings Landing in Game of Thrones. It has the same warm colours, the same heat, the same feel of endless summer…much like Australia right about now!

I hope you enjoy the hop, peeps. Thanks for stopping by!


Latest Release

Slumber by Cassandra Dean Part of Beyond Fairytales from Decadent Publishing

The Tailor has been tasked to find the princess…
Upon decree from his king, Sebastian, Tailor to the entire kingdom of Dormiraa, embarks on the mission to fetch the Princess Thalia home, her seven year Royal Tour over. He didn’t expect to find her working with clockwork and gears, encased within a coffin of glass. He did not expect the sight of her wild black hair to set his heart to pound, or the flash of her dark eyes would heat his blood. He did not expect he would want her so badly, not when he could never have her.

The princess must become the Queen…
Thalia has always known she must return to the capital to prepare for the throne. She did not expect her father to send the Tailor to fetch her, or that this man with his extravagant clothes and subtle cosmetics would intrigue her so well. There was something about him, something that spoke of danger and secrets, even as his wicked mouth and knowing eyes made her yearn.

However, not everyone desires the princess’s return. When they are attacked, they can only turn to each other. Will they overcome status and secrets to discover a love for all time?

Fantasy Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781613337660

Decadent Publishing
Amazon: AU | US | UK
iTunes | B&N



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  1. Very nice cover

  2. Thanks for the blurb and hop. Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I love romantic stories! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Love that yummy cover!

  5. Even though I’m not a Game of Thrones fan this still looks totally awesome. I would totally devour it.
    Oh and snow isn’t all it’s made out to be…lol trust me sometimes it’s more fun watching the crazy people on tv than being out in it 🙂

  6. Happy Holidays!
    Thanks you for these chances

  7. Happy Holidays!

  8. Happy Holidays no matter where you spend them 🙂

  9. Thank you so much!! Im a hopeless romantic 🙂 Hope you have a very merry Christmas (

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