Writing, writing, writing…

So, I’m all fired and raring to go with the writing. I’ve got three series on the go at varying stages: First up, there’s the Diamond Series, my Old Timey Westerns. The last book in the series, EMERALD SEA, is kicking my behind. It’s not coming together as easily as I’d like (when do they, Cassandra asks herself ruefully). The heroine, Hope, hasn’t changed much but I’ve changed my mind on who the hero, Jake, is. Even his name has changed, from the eloquent and biblical Jacob to the more decisive derivative, Jake. (As an aside, I’ve kind of kicked myself with this, as generic action heroes are always named John or Jack or Jake – check out any action movie of the last twenty years. You won’t find a Paul or Daniel amongst them. But…completely off topic). The plot has changed slightly to incorporate this new version of Jake, but I’m still having issues with the flow. Oh wells, it will come. Much like Christmas.

The Silk Series is steaming away like nobody’s business. SILK & SCARS, the third in the series, is with my editor and will be released in the first half of this year. SILK & SCHOLAR, the next in the series, is bubbling away nicely and I’m really enjoying Etta and Christopher’s shenanigans. Oh my, but Christopher loves to niggle Etta. Tis a thing of beauty.

The third series is brand new and in early concept stages – THE CHARRINGTON SISTERS. Based around three sisters venturing into the marriage mart in Regency London, this series will see me finally writing my regencies! Only took me what, nine or ten books? Well done, Cassandra.

Right, well I guess I better get back to it. These books aren’t going to write themselves (unfortunately).


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